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Jim Laser Photography

This project description is told in the words of our customer:

“My website,, now contains over 8,000 fine art photographs. The portfolio spans forty years of work exlporing architectural details and the natural environment all over the planet. The website first went into development in 2001.

The original web team decided that a data base would be the backbone of the site, as it could be modified for years to come when needed. The “front end pages”, or what the public sees, would display all the images in 90 separate categories. The data base would link the images to one or more groups or categories. I would be able to edit image categories by dragging and dropping individual images to give the most beautiful and organized pages. This editing function was, and still is, completely unavailable for photographer’s websites as it is very difficult to program.

Needless to say, web technology has spun forward at an unpredictably fast pace. My early web developers went off in other directions and my site was now in need of extensive modernization. I spent a lot of time searching around trying to find a developer that could rebuild the data base and public pages without requiring me to reenter thousands of different images in multiple categories, something which I had done slowly and continually since 2001.

I interviewed the owner of a large web shop. He told me that they only did very expensive sites for large companies. He understood what I needed done, and asked if I wanted some recommendations for help. One shop in Pioneer Square could do everything, but they would be way too pricey for me. Then there was someone he knew and worked with in Bellingham that would be perfect. Would I like an introduction?

Within five minutes, I was explaining my project to Rob over the telephone. He emailed me a video assessment the next morning. I then sent him my nine pages of detailed site plans and requirements. Additionally, the graphic design would be done by my longtime designer, Sancho, and Rob would have to program the site details to fit the design. Rob sent a budget and contract within a couple of days, and we got started right away.

I can’t express how relieved I was to find someone who could do this specific work. Intuito┬áhas done a terrific job, and he stayed on budget. They analyzed what was needed and improved everything as we built the new modernized site. Communication was fast and easy, often with immediate video responses and explanations.

The new site is both beautiful to look at, and easy to navigate. The administration tools that Rob built, give me even better and easier editing functions. The original database from 2001 lives on in a fully modernized version, preserving and improving 16 years of web admin work, and saving me from having to build everything from scratch again.

I am very grateful for the services of Intuito Websites, and highly recommend them.”

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