wordpress logoAfter spending just a little bit of time on our website you will clue in to the fact that we love WordPress. Why? If you want the long answer, sign up to get our ebook WordPress: is it right for you? (spoiler alert: the answer is yes)

The short answer is:

  • WordPress is very easy to use. As the name Intuito suggests, we value intuitive web experiences. We like WordPress because it empowers our customers to manage their own websites efficiently.
  • Not only is WordPress up-to-date, it is one of the important engines of webolution. WordPress doesn’t just keep up with the latest trends, it is at the forefront of improving the Internet. This means we can offer our customers all the latest and greatest features and functions.
  • WordPress is extremely flexible. You can do just about anything you want with it. And if there is something that WordPress can’t do, we can simply create a plugin to add new functionality. There are no design constraints for a WordPress site, it can look and behave any way you like.
  • With all the plugins available for WordPress, we can often cut down on development time and pass the savings on to our customers. It’s like starting out with the job half done.

Having said that, there can be times when WordPress is not the way to go. In those exceptional cases, Intuito still has you covered with custom web development or with another Content Management System such as Drupal.

Whatever your project may be, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some WordPress tools that are very easy to set up:

  • A slideshow on the home page, or any other page
  • A blog section for your website
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels
  • Contact forms
  • Events calendar
  • Photo galleries to feature your products or services
  • Google Maps integration – show people where you are and how to get there
  • Video and audio
  • Addition of a shopping cart – there are many to choose from
  • Do you need a reservation form for appointments or hospitality? WordPress can do that too!
  • And so much more…