Custom Websites

Intuito Websites | Custom WebsitesYou can have custom websites designed for your business, build a site that is easy to manage and does everything you need it to do. Intuito Websites offers you:

  • graphic design
  • easy-to-use site management tools
  • seamless integration with marketing and social media
  • advice on how to deploy your business identity on the World Wide Web

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Design and usability

Websites should balance design and usability, so our goal is to ensure that yours is both attractive and easy to navigate. It should draw your customers or leads in and provide them with clear information about what you do and how to contact you.

There are three kinds of business websites: those that make direct online sales (a shoe store, for example), those designed to generate leads (a lawyer’s site), and those that generate revenue via advertising. Whichever model you are working with, Intuito Websites is here to support you with all the necessary tools, be they shopping carts, eCommerce expertise, content creation or marketing.

Our tool of preference is WordPress. This popular content management system is flexible enough for just about any project. It is easy to use, always up-to-date and capable of supporting the latest web techniques and technologies.

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