Rob Haskell

Rob Haskell

Once upon a time there was a guy who loved communicating. Rob was a writer and enjoyed public speaking. He also loved to read and learn about things. Rob studied in college and liked that so much that he finished a bachelors degree and two masters degrees. Writing papers? His favorite thing in the world.

Then one day, still a long long time ago when the Internet was still in diapers, Rob bought a new computer and, after getting a thing called a “modem”, he signed up for a service called “AOL”. Wow! Rob would visit websites from all over the place. He could write things from his desk in his own home, and people everywhere could read them. He poked around and he found another really fun thing. People could make their own websites! All you had to do was learn “HTML”, the language of the Internet, which didn’t seem that hard at all.

And so Rob was off. He made websites for himself and for his friends. Eventually “blogs” were invented and as you can imagine by now, that was a natural fit.

One day Rob was contemplating what to do next, as his current job was not working out. He though, “Well, I know I can make websites, and people seem to want those a lot.” With that thought Intuito Websites was born in 2010.

The name “Intuito” is a bit awkward to pronounce (emphasis on the second “i”), but the meaning is important, emphasizing intuition and ease of use as a core value for all our websites. This is because for us, websites are all about communication.